SBR Job Placement & Recruitment Services : India recruitment agency, Job placements India, consultant company, software recruitment, HR consultants,software companies, placement services, job opportunities ,We undertake Projects from company's World-wide.
Gives you a distinct advantage We have established relationships with clients, both in India and abroad We take time to track emerging and growing companies and their opportunities. Many of those aren't advertised, and won't be. We present your abilities and achievements to someone in a position not only to fully appreciate them, but to HIRE you !

You won't waste your time giving interviews for positions for which you're not qualified or which won't meet your career goals You receive serious consideration for a position, because we make sure the "right" people know who you are. Our wide selection of clients gives you the choice of the best positions available.

We make every effort not just to generate an offer, but to generate the BEST offer, first ! And when the offer is made, we'll make sure that you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision about whether to accept it.

We undertake Projects from company's World-wide.
We have already been a part of many such successfull Project ventures.
We also offer Live-Projects to students.

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